Preformed Concrete

Preformed was created to provide homeowners and businesses with information, resources, and solutions to their preformed, precast, and precured architectural concrete needs.

Preformed concrete is produced by casting conrete in a reusable mold, curing it in a controlled environment, and then transporting to the construction site (as opposed to standard concrete that is poured and cured on site.). Because the concrete is precast in a controlled environment (i.e. a precast plant), the concrete can be properly cured and monitored.

Preformed architectural concrete comes in many forms; for a wide variety of uses. From simple: parking curbs, concrete sprinkler donuts and cinder blocks; to common: stairs, fire places, patio pavers, window and door surrounds; to intricate: arches, keystones, balustrade systems, and concrete walls and panels.

Preformed Concrete Walls

Precast concrete walls are used in the construction of commercial and residential buildings. Precast concrete walls are also designed as panels to clad all or part of a building's facade. In addition to major commercial construction, preformed concrete is most commonly used for architectural amenities, as well as:

Preformed Concrete Door and Window Surrounds

Preformed concrete door and window surrounds are usually added during new residential and commercial construction projects. However, they are very popular additions to commercial and home remodeling projects. Concrete door surrounds and concrete window surrounds can provide a classical or traditional look to your home and business. Nevertheless, the wide variety of colors, materials, and styles allows homeowners and businesses a limitless number of preformed concrete options.

Preformed Concrete Stairs

One of many popular uses of preformed concrete is preformed or precast concrete stairs. Used in both commercial and residential construction, preformed concrete stairs are a great alternative to onsite concerte stair construction. In addition to preformed concrete stairs, or as an addition to existing stairs, preformed concrete stair treads can offer a beautiful, or functional addition to your existing staircase.

Preformed Concrete Pavers

Preformed conctrete pavers are traditionally used for patios and pool areas. However, concrete pavers are also used for walkways, driveways, entryways, edging, borders, planters, gardents or even tree rings. Preformed concrete pavers can be decorative and may come in a variety of colors, shades, textures, and shapes (including standard or interlocking and custom or molded). Additionally, they can be installed straight or curved and designed to replicate brick, tile, stone, cobblestone, and more.

Many people choose preformed concrete pavers because they usually do not require mortar for installation. And while they will require some extra physical power to haul and set in place, these concrete slabs can be less likely to shift or crack.

Preformed Concrete Columns and Balustrades

Preformed concrete columns and balustrades are great additions to new construction projects and remodeling projects. Preformed concrete columns can be functional (load bearing), decorative, or both! Additionally preformed columns and preformed concrete balustrades can be a great alternative to wood and offer unique decorative styles: such as the brick, tile, stone and other materials also used for preformed concrete wall veneers.